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CELEBRATING THE PROCESS OF CREATIVITY IS THE CENTER OF MY LIFE, whether making art, teaching or creating community partnerships. I've always believed that anything is possible with the power of creativity on your side.  The poet Wallace Stevens once said  "for any real originality to occur, we must have the courage to be amateurs"  I try to embody the spirit and passion of the adventurous amateur… a deliberate choice of mystery over mastery.


Personal Work ExamplePERSONAL WORK
My work is a physical exploration of story…a kind of roadmap from my narrative path. As such, it is always weaving together joy, sorrow, confusion and celebration. I work in a variety of media, (most often mosaic or textiles) and I choose found materials whenever possible as a conscious choice for sustainable artistic practice.
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Commissioned ExampleCOMMISSIONS
A commission most often begins with conversation. The patron may not have a clear idea of what they are looking for from me, which is perfectly natural. The quality of our conversation often determines the quality of the process to meet the patrons' needs. So I like to leave generous room for discussions of many things, in addition to the proposed work at hand. Then I head into the studio and seek the muse…

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Collaborations and InstallationsCOLLABORATIONS AND INSTALLATIONS
Over the last 35 years, I have had the great good fortune to work with many different groups in telling stories and making art together. I LOVE to collaborate with others in this way. Sometimes we make public art together and sometimes we tell our private stories together through the art we make for ourselves. A list of previous collaborations and installations is here…

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