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Swansong: Ode to Mend

CURRENTLY ON EXHIBIT These pieces are included in the exhibit Swansong: Ode to Mending..

Swansong: Ode to Mend Swansong: Ode to Mend Swansong: Ode to Mend Swansong: Ode to Mend Swansong: Ode to Mend Swansong: Ode to Mend Swansong: Ode to Mend Swansong: Ode to Mend Swansong: Ode to Mend Swansong: Ode to Mend Swansong: Ode to Mend
Dan Dan the Toy Man

THIS PIECE WAS INSPIRED by Donna Tart's enchanting book, The Goldfinch. The green language is an expression from ancient mythology that refers to the bond  possible between humans and the spiritual wisdom of birds. To speak the green language is to commune with nature and our innermost longing for meaning and purpose.

Dan Dan the Toy Man

DAN, DAN THE TOY MAN was made with two purposes in mind. One was to honor my husband, who passed away in 2005. He was a kid at heart who felt very lucky to work in the toy industry for over 20 years. The second reason was to thank the staff of the local chapter of Hospice for the wonderful care and compassion that they showered on our family during his illness.


This sculpture is installed in the counseling wing of Forsyth County’s Hospice Center, very near the pediatric “sand tray” center and children’s garden. It has become a child magnet due to all the toys climbing all over the figure—I can hear Dan chuckling now.

Dan Dan the Toy Man Dan Dan the Toy Man
Mosaic Mackerel
MOSAIC MACKEREL was made as a site specific work for a private home on Pawley’s Island, SC. The fish is almost 3 feet in length and is entirely encrusted with found materials. This piece is a commentary about our ocean’s role as repository for our waste, which expands continuously as we eat what swims in it. The mosaic materials form a kind of barnacle skin that covers the fish completely.

Mosaic Mackerel Mosaic Mackerel

Garden Shovel Muse
GARDEN SHOVEL MUSE is installed in my personal garden as a humorous reminder of how much gardening has influenced and enriched my life. If I couldn’t make art, I would probably be a full time gardener! Tending a garden creates rich fodder for deep thoughts and pleasurable physical exertion. And being on your knees provides new vistas and a humble awareness of one’s place in the larger scheme of things!
Garden Shovel Muse Garden Shovel Muse
Just Desserts Muse
JUST DESSERTS MUSE was created for an exhibit about women and body image. The mosaic stone torso has been vigorously "scrubbed" and wears a necklace of vintage tin ice cream spoons that spell out the ambiguous word "dessert."
Body Muse Body Muse
Urn with Wild Flowers
URN WITH WILD FLOWERS (made from recycled ephemera)
Urn with Wild Flowers Urn with Wild Flowers