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Mosaic Garden Urn


Large mosaic garden urn designed for Arts Based Elementary school in Winston Salem. This piece was made with the generous assistance of landscape designer Drake Flynt and the Winston Salem Foundation's Director of Community Engagement, Jonathan Halsey.

Mosaic Garden Urn Mosaic Garden Urn


"Flowering" was created as a celebration of the numerous ways of unfolding our powers through the imagination. Sometimes a flower garden is only available through re-imaging the world around us. A disintegrating vessel becomes a garden rustica.



This recycled farm implement became a meditation on the power of nature to reclaim herself endlessly through creative action. Beauty is always available through patience.

Mandala Mandala Mandala
Family Evolution


This vase was made for a family composed of two professional poets with two young children.  The mosaic is filled with hidden references to their family origins, interests and clues for a good life, hopefully filled with poetry & love!

Family Evolution Family Evolution Family Evolution Family Evolution
Family Passage

Family Passage This mixed media textile piece was created for a commemorative wedding anniversary present. The family narrative is told by the use of bold colors and ancient symbols for fidelity and the wisdom gained though the passage of time.

Dogs I Have Loved Green Angel Reliquary
Bird Salt Tales

This urn was made for a special elementary school where I have been very fortunate to have worked as artist in residence many times. The base and bird handles are concrete and the mosaic work is comprised of hundreds of antique men’s shirt mother of pearl buttons. The urn is filled with coarse salt and was inspired by a Swedish folk tale about a boy named Ollie who is taught by a clever magpie how to get what he wants by hard work instead of mere wishes.